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Wellness and Weight Loss Program
Wellness and Weight Loss Program
Wellness and Weight Loss Program

Wellness and Weight Loss Program

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Get your mind, body, and life together in just 3 months!

Just imagine completing this program in September, looking and feeling better than you have in a while. Just in time for those fall weddings and end of the year holiday festivities. You will have more peace of mind while also fitting into that outfit you've been wanting to wear. You will go into fall 2021 looking and feeling your best! With focus for just 3 months, you can lose weight, get in shape, and increase your peace and productivity!

In this program you will learn how to renew your mind so that you can stop stressing and worrying all the time. You will also learn how to improve your health, lose weight, and cleanse your body. Lastly, your life will begin to look and feel like a dream because of the mental and physical changes you have made.


Would you like to get your mind and body together before the fall? If so, pick a plan below!

This Accountability Program is For You If:

  • ​You struggle with weight loss and have a hard time sticking to daily food plans and workouts.
  • You have a busy lifestyle that includes pressures from work, home, family, or travels.
  • ​You have pain in your body or joints.​
  • You desire to feel and look better before the fall.
  • ​You need support to maintain long-term health goals.
  • ​You're unsure how to obtain your health and wellness goals.

This Program Includes:

Total Wellness Plan - meal plans, meditation guide, weekly workouts and masterclasses.

Daily Coaching and Accountability - reminders, guidance, and the support you need to remain on course. (M-F)

Weekly Virtual Meetups - Check Ins, Updates, and Q&A’s. These sessions are an important part of the program. They provide weekly checkpoints to ensure that you are on the right path.

What You Will Learn:

  • Which foods and practices heal the body, reduce pain and inflammation, fight sickness and disease, and lead to weight loss
  • ​Which foods to avoid when healing the body and losing weight
  • ​Lifestyle factors that cause stress to the mind and body. These factors are known to keep women from achieving their health goals.
  • How to manage recognize, reduce, and eliminate stress
  • How to meditate correctly

Accountability Works! Sometimes all you need is a good plan and great support! Whether you want to lose weight, naturally heal your body and mind, increase your peace, or reduce and eliminate stress in the body, then this plan is for you! Take responsibility for your life and do something that will improve your health! 

One on one, individual coaching includes all of the above and weekly guided success plans, phone calls, and individual accountability. 

Online course: 13 Modules that walk you through the process of achieving Total Wellness

Money-Back Guarantee

If you implement EVERYTHING I teach you, and don't see an improvement in your life or health, I'll not only refund you - but even give you $200 for wasting your time. That's how much I believe in this plan.

Payment plans are broken down into 3 payments.

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Wellness and Weight Loss Program