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Create and Sell An Ebook

Create and Sell An Ebook

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Would releasing an E-book about a certain topic, story, or issue be beneficial for you? If so, let's work together!

eBook Coaching ONLY - learn the steps to writing, creating, and uploading resources for customers to download. Learning options: two coaching sessions or one masterclass 

eBook Creation ONLY - includes writing and development of freebie and eBook. And next steps to uploading onto website. 

eBook Creation and Launch Strategy Coaching - includes e-book writing, development, and next steps to uploading onto website. Coaching calls will cover social media strategy and marketing tips. Also learn how to properly build a campaign that connects readers to your resources in 6 weeks or less!

Creating an E-book gives you the option to make an impact while making an income. Let's get your E-book written!