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Mending My Family

Mending My Family

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There are so many people and families in need of help and healing. These people might be in your family or at your job. No matter how bad a situation is, people and families can mend and heal when the right steps are taken.

This resource walks you through the process of healing your family and relationships. The free guide will teach you why it is important to mend, the steps to mending.

The Healing Your Life and Family eBook teaches you how to heal yourself, your family, and your relationships. It also provides activities and conversation starters for self-discovery and bonding experiences for family, couples, and friendships. Healing prayers are also include. An a calendar to track your plan and progress.

This is the year that you can mend yourself and the relationships in your life. You and your loved ones can be happier, healthier, and at peace. Invest in your well-being today by grabbing a copy of this book. Remember that tomorrow isn't promised.


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